Tuesday, 6 September 2011

...And then there was a glass of red

So here I am. Reclining on the couch after a hard day in the office.
Odd for a girl who swore she'd never be office bound.

As a student when I had a lot more time on my hands (comparartively of course, because actually students are pretty busy dontcha know?) I never fully appreciated the moment suspended so delicately in wine.
It was always drink because I can, but now? It's so completely different, it's relaxing and I deserve it. The whole glass. Or two. Sometimes if I feel reckless I make it three... and on Friday's? Wow, well how about an entire bottle...

Or I could really push the boat out and drink a few more glasses on a 'school' night. Then I really would be a student again!
Perhaps it's best that I left the bottle alone. I dont think the office is ready for this hangover.