Wednesday, 21 September 2011

...And then it was wasabi Wednesday.

What I learned today:

- One shot of coffee is more than enough in one mug.
- I don't like the Pain au Chocolat from the staff restaurant.
- My lovely red nail varnish (courtesy of last month's Elle) doesn't like keyboards.
- Filing nails doesn't make chipped nail varnish look better.
- I'm still terrible at typing on my iPhone.
- I've been doing my job for six months now and I'm still making silly mistakes, lik simple addition.
- I can't drink water and walk at the same time.
- I make a regualar habit of leaving things in the print room.
- I still have a bladder that desperately wants the bathroom every time they are closed them for cleaning.
- (If I drink less to avoid the above problem, I get a headache)
- It is 30 steps from my desk to the printer in the office.
- I love Tom Ford lipstick in 'Cherry Lush'.
- A man (who confessed he wasn't a trained make up artist) can apply my make up better than me.
- I love purple eye-shadow. It was the first colour I ever bought aged 12 and I still love it now.
- I think I can I apply it better now though.
- I like wasabi peas.
- I don't like wasabi peas at 10am after a peach yoghurt.
- I can't eat a whole bag of wasabi peas.
- I can, however, eat an entire bag of peanut M&M's.
- Be careful where you put your fingers after eating blue M&M's.
- Neutral trousers are fine, if you plan to only eat beige/white food (plain toast, plain rice cakes, ryvita, weetabix... cardboard)
- I can't wear neutral colours.