Tuesday, 20 September 2011

...And then it was Tom Ford Tuesday.

 For those of you who mistook this for the ageing welsh singer, read again.

Tom Ford is a designer. A top-notch one at that. With beautiful advertisements in Vogue. Oh the beauty. He designs clothes and has a line of fragrances. He launched a fabulous range of lipsticks last Autumn (another reason for a great season). They were hugely popular, in their gold and white casing - not too disimilar to the women's fragrances.
So, now you know a little of the background, you can hear the exciting stuff!

He's launching a full make up line.. postively expensive at £68.50 for four eyeshadows - but we ignore this fact, and concentrate instead on the Tom Ford beauty of it all.
And, the nature of my work in cosmetics means that we share a cosmetic brand. Which means, ( I can't hold my breath much longer) that the training which all the Tom Ford Beauty team have to have ...happens in our office.

And they request make up models. Not real models. But actual members of staff from the office. Actually really! I have watched my friends and cohorts disappear for a couple of hours to return with a perfectly dewy complexion ... and fabulous eyebrows.
Guess who shall be having her face painted with gloriously luxorious products tomorrow by the Tom Ford Beau-ettes?

Secretly I'm most excited about having my eyebrows properly shaped with pencil and shadow. I have longed for Julia Robert's brows for many moon's and fingers crossed, I shall learn the art of faking them!