Sunday, 18 September 2011

...And then another week flew by.

What with my body revolting against me again, attending motivational training sessions, joining Team iPhone, jump-starting Papa Dodd's American truck in a monsoon and catching up with 'Dowton Abbey' ... I can't say I'm entirely sure what happened here.

Monday seems so long ago and there it is peering round the corner again. But oh no my friend (or foe), you shall no longer wear me down on those dreary mornings.
Mind over matter and after Friday's refreshing course I will not be beaten.
There are new goals to strive for, and shockingly ... completely unrelated to shoes. And I've even managed to stay off the caffeine this week. Completely. The wine was necessary by Friday night though - its tough to give up coffee and alcohol.

I don't wish to cause a conflict but I am now a converted iPhone user.
Now don't get me wrong, I happily plodded along with my Blackberry (and I loved it) - infact it was quite hard to make the decision, but I think subconsciously I knew that about a year into my new Blackberry contract there would be a blog, "...And then I wished I had an iPhone"...
So I made the decision (surprisingly quickly for a 'die hard berry fan') and have a shiny new gadget in my hand!
Now why didn't I have one of these sooner?

The jump-start? A laugh and a 'arf. Papa Dodd thought he might successfully kick start his whopping V8 monster engine with a solar panel. Funny things about solar panels is that they require sunlight to function... there isn't much of that in the the middle of a thunderstorm, when the sky is black and you've just experienced a heavy hail storm.
So Papa Dodd sat in his car, I sat in mine and had a telephone conversation side by side through two car doors. A bizarre experience since usually you can't see the person on the other end, but I entreat you all to try it.
Then I had a cheeky game of 'Angry Birds', better late than never. And I had to pass duration of the rainstorm somehow. I had inpractically worn flip flops and a white tee shirt and Papa Dodd wasn't up for getting wet. And neither was I!

Good thing is, I may have failed at my first level of the bird game but I can jump start a car ... If you supply jump leads because I currently do not own any. And I don't intend to. I got my hands covered in grease, so I think I might just play the distressed damsal card if ever I need a handy start up.

Apparently Monday is almost here, so I'd better start preparing my new positive mental attitude, it's all about self affirmation ( according to Friday's course). So here goes, wish me luck!