Monday, 26 September 2011

...And then I forgot my purse.

Usually forgetting (or thinking you'd misplaced) such an important item, and a staple of any woman's handbag would cause utter panic.
I have on occasion emptied out the contents of my bag onto the floor, cash desk or end of checkout only to remember quite shame faced that it is infact on my bed/in the glove compartment/ ...actually lost.
I have done all three.
Today however, even if I had my purse, it would not have helped the situation.

I didn't have my purse because I was using my spare key's for Brian.
I had taken my actual keys and purse out of my handbag and left them on the telephone table while I searched for the shopping list.
I didn't even need my purse because Mama Dodd had given me her card to pick up some bits that she'd forgotten.
But I always take it most places, as a security blanket. (Except on Saturday night when I went out with Frank and his friends. I refused to cart around my bag and hadn't thought to pack a clutch bag. So I gave him my driving license and cash!)
In the hunt for the list, I had quite forgotten where I had placed my things.
I got in a huff.
I grabbed the spare keys and list and left the house.

Whilst on my way to the shop, list in hand, I thought to myself "Oh poo!"  - Yes, that was the extent of my expletive.
"Oh poo! Frank still has my driving license."
This wasn't such a strange, non sequitur thought, rather it would be quite sensible given that I was driving. However, considering that I have never been asked to present my license in the four years I have been on the road, perhaps it was more fitting that I remembered my lack of license because the first item on my list was wine.

"Oh it's okay " I continued to think to myself (ah, the nonsensical ramblings of a car loner!), "You are twenty-two and a little bit, you won't be ID'd."

Famous last words.

True to sod's law, (I will congratulate the not-so-moronic person who wrote that law, because in most instances it happens to be undisputably correct) I was asked to present some proof of age.
Now, my younger sister of fifteen may, on occasion, look older than me, but I am pretty sure - infact almost adament that I look older than a mere eighteen years.

Apparently not.
The thing with this "Think 25 " policy (and I know from experience as a electronic point of sale operator aka. checkout staff) that the requirement to "Think 25" is only really necessary when faced with some spotty scrawny adolescent who couldn't possibly be 18. Well that was how I deployed that rule. I think some people just interrogate everyone who walks through their checkout on a drink, knife and glue mission.
The problem with uttering the dreaded words, "Have you got any ID?", is that often once they slip out, you release that the person isn't the age you thought, they're more like 40, but since you asked you now can't rescind them. Proof of age must be provided to satisfy.

Well, this was the last thing I needed. I even knew the girl who asked me for it.
She knew how old I was. We were in the same year at school.
I tried to remember if I had ever said anything mean, or let her leave the school toilets with paper stuck to her shoe and her skirt tucked into her knickers...
No, she was just spiteful.
She told me quite smugly, "I'll hold the shopping for you while you get some proof of your age, or bring someone back with you..."
"No thank you" I said politely but wanting to break my cucumber over her head, "I'll just pick up these bits from somewhere else".

So I did.
In Tesco's. Their wine was on much better offer. The wine cooler was colder and all they asked me was if I would like a bag. Well actually since you asked, yes please.