Saturday, 30 April 2011

...And then there was a wedding and another bank holiday weekend.

Congratulations to the new royal couple. I would like to admit (on the internet) that the beautiful service brought a little tear to my eye. And Kate? Bloody love that dress. No street party here at Frank's to watch it, but I did drink a lot of good old english tea in my pyjamas. Lovely. And now, because it is a bank holiday weekend and because you feel like you must do things on bank holidays, I am going on a bike ride with Frank. He has a small collection of two wheeled-transport so it doesn't matter that his broken bike (see earlier post) is still being fixed. No doubt I shall ache from chasing after my uber-fit chap. And will probably resign myself to the sofa later for a large glass of wine and a crappy film. Yup, this will happen. Take care in the sun, layer on the spf30. I will make sure Frank's ears don't burn. It might just be wind burn rather than skin damage!