Tuesday, 26 April 2011

...And then the blogger couldn't keep up

So here we are. A week on from when I was last sat at this laptop, and would you believe it? So much has happened.

The new job, post promotion, started on Monday. So I had to find my way around that... still feel like I've been stood reading the instructions to Ikea's most complicated bookcase, and I'm still totally clueless as to how the shelves, wooden pegs, swedish screws and crappy PVA glue fit together.

But then as is apparently the norm here, there were various nights of sociable beveraging on 'summer' evenings. Followed by a four day weekend in Essex county with Frank and his family.Where contrary to previous blogs about the ridiculousness of shorts in March/April, I swallowed my pride in fear of sunstroke and decided to bare those milky white pins that I call legs.

 In the middle of this a trip to the glorious home of English rugby with Mr Quiche - a journey across London that took me longer than my drive to Frank's, thank you kindly National Rail. This rugby/cider/curry binge was followed by another day in the sunshine at Frank's with his godson. (Who almost sailed high over the garden hedge a la hammer throw courtsey of Frank's brother Will.I.Am - no Cheryl Coles bessie mate!). I feel we must note, that even at this point in the sunfilled, short wearing weekend - my skin has not changed colour. There is no hint of bronze, nor tan line and even worst no slightly scorched bits. All this was quite worrying since my skin only ever turns various shades of pink under UVB rays...and it didnt even do that. Heatwave? What heatwave?

And all this was topped off with another garden party here at Chez Doddy, in the sunshine whilst (for the first time in a long time) drinking only soft drinks. Namely a brown tinged beverage that rhymes with poke-a-hole-ah!

So as you can see - quite a merry few days. And with another four day weekend on the way (we thank you very much Wills and Kate) I am sure it shall be much the same all over again, although perhaps without the Indian summer!

Finally, any bets on the which colour the Queen shall be sporting on Friday? I think it's about time the nation saw her in some leopard print.