Thursday, 7 April 2011

...And then I ignored my shin splints.

When something is bad for you, you just want to do it more.
Drinking stupid amounts of coffee, followed by stupid amounts of gin.
Yes caffeine makes you hyperactive, and yes - gin might be a depressant, but if you were super happy to begin with then it just levels you out on par with normality. So this is fine.

However, when you have self diagnosed shin splints, running on a delightfuly warm evening with a dog who may at any point keel over is not a good idea.

This is a much better idea when you run to the baywatch theme tune.
No one else can hear it. You feel like a very attractive and fit lifeguard, your legs seem to work faster and you're so much more empowered.

And the you make it home. The dog collapses and you realise that you have no movement in your legs. It hurts a lot. And you look more like the flailing bodies that are rescued from the water, rather than the beautiful people running in.

And so to an ice cold gin and tonic with a large wedge of lemon to numb the pain.

I must say it works.
And this still seems to be legible. Result.

N.B While we're enjoying sunglasses and warm weather which we aren't meant to have in April, can we please spare a thought for poor Frank. The wonderful snow he was meant to have, wasn't quite so wonderful. Bet he's glad he didn't pay for the ski trip now. See you next week Frank!