Sunday, 1 January 2012

.... And then 2012 arrived.

So there you have it fellow earthlings, the new year is in.
I trust you all drank the regulation glass, or two, or bottle of champagne?
Feeling the effects today?
Ditto my friends, ditto.

Or rather to be fair, it's not so much hangover more like food coma and sleep deprivation.

After last night's festivities which Frank enjoyed and Miss Hendo joined us for at chez Dodd, today has passes by in somewhat of a blur! David Attenborough on the telly, a comfy sofa and a cheeky nap! ( or two)

I have of course made the statutory resolutions ( a number of them, in the hope that at least one will survive till February). I won't share them because I have a feeling that secret ones are better kept.
I will just say that one involves a transformation into a prima ballerina!
No more questions!

Happy new year everyone - may this year be a fantastic one for each of you ......