Sunday, 8 May 2011

...And then we perused, purchased and pranced.

I may not be able to remember the last time I went running, however I have experienced some extreme physical exercise (I should not sail if it hurts this much). And I may be a long way off payday however it was definitely to time to treat my aching self to some retail therapy. Except I feel that I am even more tired now. Miss USA advised this would the result of "...hope and expectation rising and falling very quickley...", the recovery period knocks it out of you. I am emotionally drained.

Miss Hendo and I escorted (the soon-to-be birthday girl) Miss USA on a sunday afternoon shopping trip. It was delightful. We have scoured the shops and avoided the usual weekend crowds by shopping in blazing sunshine(and intermittent rainstorms). It appears the people with sense spent the last day of their weekend in a beer garden or walking on the beach. But they would have got wet.

After removing much of my clothing in yesterday's over zealous clear-out, today was the time to replace it. And Miss USA wanted friendly advice and guidance on many different purchases. (I must say, its quite a strange feeling when you help to spend someone else's money - no counting the pennies flying out your account) Miss USA has some lovely new additions to her growing wardrobe. In fact, I think aside from shoes and a handbag, which are of course the finishing touches, she walked out of the very warm shopping centre with an array of new outfits.

Miss Hendo's crowning moment was not only locating but also purchasing 'The Skirt'. We call it 'The Skirt' because that it is precisely what this fantastic creation is. Miss Hendo has had a watchful eye on the stock of a particular swedish store (not Ikea) since previewing this particular item in a supplement to a recent edition of Vogue. The scream of delight (and I use 'scream' because it was) announced the arrival of this tulle-being into our lives.
Ever since I saw the Chloe design in the Spring/Summer 2011 edition of Vogue and Elle, I have craved the flowing ballerina-esque layers with a simple ribbon edge waistband. The RRP of that skirt isn't even worth discussing... especially when this wonderful swedish store made a copy-cat for a fraction, and I mean a tiny fraction, of the price. Thanks be to the clothing God's who fill our lives with materialistic entities.

I really do hope that Miss Hendo doesn't mind that each of us left the store with the last three of these skirts - you can't play the "I'll come back for it later card" with this store, the turnover of stock is very impressive.

In the changing rooms, we lost ourselves in fashion advice/tips and parading about in numerous outfits - each with a SATC style glamour. I like to think the queue of impatient women forming outside enjoyed our 'oohing' and 'ahhing', our prancing around. I'd like to think that we filled their afternoon with wonderful advice and ideas for their wardrobes - however I believe the reality might've been a little different judging by the huffs, puffs and looks of disgust as we left.
It is important to be completely satisified with your items before your purchase them. If that means spending thirty minutes in the changing room, then it means spending 30 minutes in the changing room - it means the clothes are perfect, you've created stunning ensembles and saved yourself petrol and parking charges when driving all the way back to return them later.
As a rule - this shopping tactic shouldn't be employed when shopping with boyfriends/husbands/fathers/small children. They will become bored and restless and want the football/sleep/all their money back/bag of sweets to make up for the torture endured. Your gay best friend is exempt from this rule.

The only downside to today's trip is that I am still searching for the illusive high heeled tan sandals. I don't want them too chunky, too strappy, too dark or too light. The musn't be too high and under no circumstances are they to be flat, this nulifies the point of them being heeled. They must be comfy as I intend to live in them this summer and there is no way I am wearing a wedge.
I have a personal vendentta with wedged footwear. I shall not go into it. Just be warned, never purchase a pair of wedges for me - even if your intentions are good. Thank you. And if you weren't intending to, then forget I said anything.
As you can see the criteria for these shoes is vast, and as of yet - I'm still hunting. I've now resorted to browsing the internet. A deadly habit. You end up getting the bank card out for things you never really wanted and before you can stop yourself the 'thank you for purchasing with us today' pop up message appears. I have avoided this so far this evening. My purse is downstairs.

Miss Hendo seemed entirely content today - until misplacing her bank card. After a panic, the steps were retraced and it was found in the shop that by name should only sell Tops. Although Miss USA and I are searching for the perfect footwear, Miss USA is plagued by a consuming hunt for the perfect tan handbag. A search that I know from experience can take months. It is not pleasant.

The fuel of choice for today's mammoth trip(this clearly means a long shopping trip and not a trip with a mammoth, that would just be silly)? A hearty plate of srambled eggs on toast and a strong coffee- a breakfast choice that I often forget I like. Of course the coffee is always appreciated regardless of accompianment. Followed by a frappucino (one needs large amounts of caffeine to prevent retail exhaustion). Liquid refreshment of choice when strolling? A chilled bottle of sparkling mineral water, all the fizz of fizzy drinks without the sugar. Good for your teeth and good for you - what other drink pleases the GP and Dentist?

My only dilemna now is which combination of new and old items do I wear to the Office tomorrow?
It frustates me that Carrie Bradshaw makes it all look so easy, and her wardrobe is twice the size of mine.