Sunday, 8 May 2011

...And then I woke up with nothing to do.

After I'd done the standard hairwash which was surprisingly difficult as a result of the physical exertion of yesterday's sailing shenanigans, dressed and made a cuppa - I realised that for the first time in a long time I had nothing to do.

So I found a hammer and screw driver from the garage and set about on those DIY tasks that needed to be done in my room. Now, I don't mean putting up shelving or building flat pack furniture from Ikea (you know the kind where even when you follow the instructions word for word or picture by picture, you STILL end up with the spare screw? My Billy Bookcase is still standing though)
The extent of my DIY was screwing a hook into the wall to hang my hairdryer on and I attempted to screw a set of hooks for other 'hanging' things.  It's not straight, and I'm pretty sure that it will probably pull out of the wall when it has too much weight on it. I didn't use those red plug things that I'm pretty sure are needed.
But , that's what happens when you badger the house owners/parents for help and they forget.
So if my stud walls collapse in the night, I can blame them.

Besides, I felt like I accomplished an impressive achievement.

I surveyed my room for other tasks. I chose one that I thought would be the most interesting. With the rain falling heavily outside, I decided to spring clean.
I have been ruthless.
Anything unworn in the last year was sorted into two catagories - 1) the swap bag 2)the dump.
You have to set the time limit for a year rather than six months otherwise you'd end up chucking out the entire summer wardrobe. Then you would need to completely rebuild - which in this case, might not be such a bad idea if it weren't for the complete and utter lack of funds. I think I was naive to think that I would one day be able to fritter my pennies away.
I now have drawers that shut and wardrobe with hanging space. The shoe boxes are still overflowing though - I couldn't bring myself to touch them. They can't help being the most expensive items.
The swap bag was unknown to me until my final year of Uni, when Family Longbrook (aside from Mr Furry) showed me how to renovate my wardrobe with some simple 'swapsies'.
On these occasions I merely collected their discarded, unwanted and often unworn clothing rather than donating my own. So now is my opportunity to give. I don't know if it will be gratefully received...

 But good friends are great liars and will give my clothes a wonderful new wardrobe to fester in. I suppose I might see them in the next swap bag.