Friday, 13 May 2011

...And then I was on a slow train bound for London Victoria

And so after a labourious week I am sat on a train. With a badly packed over night bag. I have a toothbrush, make up bag, LBD and two pairs of skyscraper heels. Of course its perfectly packed for a night out with Charlotte and Carrie. The only things missing are the painkillers! This night out has been planned for weeks. Not meticulously, just booked in diary. Now that the three of us are working women, its not quite so easy to spontaneously meet in a bar. Especially when one of the three (the one on the train) doesn't live in the city, but out on the coast. Where not a lot happens. Each time I pay a visit to the smoke I am reminded of two things: 1) How much I want to live there. 2) How much I don't want to live there. Funnily enough I still can't make up my mind. Maybe after a few cosmopolitans, woo woo's and harvey wallbangers I'll have decided which side of the fence I sit on.