Saturday, 16 July 2011

...And then it was a totally amazing Friday night.

Or not.

It turns out that I forgot to make any plans. I got this week, next week and last week nicely muddled. Very well done!

But rather than spend the night infront of awful british television waiting for sleep to consume me, I decided to embrace some physical activity and... move my room around.
Oh what a enthralling Friday evening.

However, laugh all you like - I shall have no hangover in the morning and I found a pair of earrings I thought I'd lost months ago. Would you believe it?
So while the parents were dressing themselves up in a long dress and penguin suit ready for a night out with a free bar, I ate shop bought pizza from a famous restaurant chain... the fast pizza place. (Its never as good without the doughballs. And I've got quite used to the missing chunk in the middle and replaced with green leaves.) Mine was burnt this evening and came with onion rings and bahjis.
Don't ask. I let the smallest Dodd cook.
Never again.

I thought I would tidy at the same time as reshuffling furniture, y'know be ruthless and throw out things I havent needed or touched in a year.
Realistically I've just found new homes for everything. I can't even claim that there will be logic involved in my tidying, the smallest Dodd was involved and I was drinking gin. After all it is a Friday. I just haven't treated it like one. What a waste.

I think I might blame it on my lack of fun pennies to spend, all because of stupid Brian. I will admit to my naivity and say that I thought my car would only cost about £150 for MOT and service, and I think I just expected my insurance to be the same as last year.
Actually its not. According to the insurance companies I am a boy. Even though I am female (obviously) because I am twenty-two I must drive like a twenty-two year old male. My premium reflects this.
I will also admit that I am no pro at reversing, but I'm not worth £892 of bad reversing. Don't even do it that much. Always try to move forward....

So what a night.
I ate burnt pizza, dragged bookshelves across my carpet and scuffed the wall (sssh, no one will ever know because I strategically placed a picture!) and compared the meerkat dot com for cheap car insurance.
I need to get a life!