Tuesday, 7 June 2011

... And then I learnt a valuable lesson

Don't run before you can walk. I'm sure this is probably related to the phrase "Don't bite off more than you can chew" I am also sure that in both cases we aren't literally talking about running and eating. But in this case we are. Trying to run after 3 weeks of no exercise, save for walking to my car and round London a bit, is a bad idea. Not for health reasons or damaging unused muscle, but just to protect your pride. There is nothing worse than attempting to make a day less strenuous by beating it in to the road- and then being unable to beat it at all. I walked most of my route. And not even fast enough for my stressed out body to justify sweating. Even though I burnt minus calories, I piled my plate high with food. (Of the homecooked variety, morrocan chicken actaully) But it was so good I ate too much too quickley, I feel like I forgot to chew and now I am nursing a food baby rather than aching muscles. What a tuesday eh?