Friday, 18 February 2011

And then it was time for the dentist....

Having not seen a dentist for 2 years, I felt it was time to make an appearance and show off my nashers! To be precise, I am currently experiencing a great deal of pain with the onset of my wisdom teeth. Unfortunatley I do not feel any smarter and find it rather bizarre that these teeth are associated with gaining further knowledge of the world.

I went to the dentist, a wonderful south african man, who for a mere £16.50 told me my teeth were fine and that my wisdom teeth were coming through!

I could have told Sherlock this myself and then charged him £16.50.

And now  I shall set off in to the rain and sit  in the Friday night car park that is the M25. A beautiful way to start my first holiday with Frank. Ten days. A dog. And probable rain.

No exoctic airports for me just yet.

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